CompTIA CEU Online Program

Renew Your CompTIA® Certification

Enroll in the CompTIA Continuing Education Units (CEU) Program. Complete three self-paced online CEU courses. Earn 60 CEU credits. Renew your CompTIA certification. CompTIA approved renewal process for Security+, A+, CASP+, and other CompTIA certifications.

CompTIA CEU Online Program – Renew Your CompTIA Certification
CompTIA continuing education credits online

CompTIA Certification Renewal 60 CEU Credits Program Covers:

- Three Comprehensive Business Programs - The 60 CompTIA CEU Credits Online Training Bundle Program by SFBS comes with three self-paced business training programs: Executive Leadership, Strategy Creation & Execution, and Marketing Strategy.

- Learn At Your Own Pace - Earn 60 CompTIA CEU credits to renew your CompTIA certification. 100% Online. Hassle-free.

- CEU Reporting Guidance - Detailed steps to submit your earned CompTIA CEU credits to CompTIA. Retain your CompTIA certification easily.

- 24/7 Support - We are a fingertip away from you. Email us at [email protected]. We will respond within 24 hours.

Program #1- Executive Leadership Program - Improve your decision-making, and cross-functional competence, expand your understanding of the global marketplace, and build your way to servant leadership. Learn how to tackle business challenges. Earns 20 CompTIA CEU credits.

Program #2- Strategy Creation & Execution Program - Develop the global perspective, quantitative background, and creative problem-solving skills to take your strategy from formulation to execution. Harness the power of disruptive innovation to craft winning strategies and turn them into play. Earns 30 CompTIA CEU credits.

Program #3- Marketing Strategy Program - Boost revenue and profit by targeting the right segments, designing effective go-to-market strategies, and building high-value brands. Align your marketing and promotion efforts with business strategy to maximize Return on Investment. Earns 10 CompTIA CEU credits.

Not just CompTIA Certification Renewal - You will earn Reputable Business Merits

CompTIA Renewal Online Course Diploma
Certificate of Completion

Certificates prove your proficiency in a particular area, making you a more attractive candidate to potential employers. They are powerful to highlight your commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement. Boost your resume with a Certificate of Completion from San Francisco Business School.

Renew CompTIA Certification Online Course Certificate
Highlight Your Certificate

Showcase your Certificate in your resume and LinkedIn Profiles. LinkedIn users who've added certifications to their profile increased by 44% in the last two years. Having business certificates on your profile or resume can set you apart from other applicants.

Want to renew your CompTIA certification on your first attempt?

Here’s how we can help.

If you’re willing to have several benefits of having CompTIA certification, renewing your CompTIA certification is essential…

Hassle-free – each course is online, self-paced, and available from any location. Just log on and learn at any time. All you need is an internet-connected device.

Super simple – get the bundle, take the courses, submit your CEU credits, and renew your certificate. Thousands of professionals renewed their CompTIA certification this way.

Sample CompTIA Renewal CEU Credit Video Lecture

Grasping Power is a video lecture from our Executive Leadership Program, one of the programs in the 60 CompTIA CEU Course Bundle. You can watch and have an idea of how our CompTIA CEU lectures work.

Watch Andrea's CompTIA Security+ Certification Renewal Experience

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CompTIA Certification Renewal Course Program 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

San Francisco Business School is proud to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

After the 30-day period, you will not be able to get a full refund, but you may cancel the subscription any time you like.

To be eligible for a refund, you must not exceed 10% of the program you attended.

Our overall full refund rate is 0.29%

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Who Should Attend?

- CompTIA® Certification Holders - CompTIA is one of the most renowned IT certification bodies around the globe. You worked hard to get your CompTIA certification, so you won’t want to risk losing it by missing out on your next renewal. CompTIA requires certification holders to earn CEU credits every three years to retain certification.

- Early and Mid-Career Professionals - Prepare for managerial and leadership roles after working as an individual contributor or functional specialist.

- Managers and Directors - Build greater self-awareness and explore ways to generate new strategies to overcome challenging business circumstances and sail into new oceans.

- Consultants and Investors - Develop techniques for assessing the current marketplace, generate effective strategies, deploy your strategy, and continuously evolve through the way to success.

CompTIA Renewal CEU Credits Program FAQs

What are the three courses in this CompTIA Renewal CEU Training Bundle?

The CompTIA Renewal CEU Training Bundle Program by SFBS comes with three self-paced business training programs: Executive Leadership TrainingStrategy Creation & Execution Training, and Marketing Strategy Training.

  •  Executive Leadership Training program worth 20 CEU credits.
  •  Strategy Creation & Execution Training program worth 30 CEU credits.
  •  Marketing Strategy Training program worth 10 CEU credits.

TOTAL = 60 CompTIA CEU credits earned (around 60 hours of video course content)

Why should I renew my CompTIA certification?

CompTIA requires certification holders to earn CEU (Continuing Education Unit) credits to retain their certifications in good standing. Certification holders must earn the required CEU credits every three years.

What is CEU?

CEU is the abbreviation for Continuing Education Unit. CompTIA requires certification holders to earn CEU credits to keep their certification in good standing. Typically, 1 CEU credit is gained by 1 hour of professional activity, attending an event, or an online course.

When should I start submitting CEU credits to renew my CompTIA certification?

Earning CEU hours requires a significant amount of time. CompTIA expects you to earn the required CEU hours over the given three-year period. If you leave to the end, you may have problems in submitting CEU credits and that might risk your certification status.

What are the CompTIA CEU categories?

CompTIA requires certification holders to earn CEU credits in certain fields and categories. These are attending conferences, writing research papers, preparing for training classes in a related domain (for instructors), reading materials on related subject matters, taking an exam for a newer version of the certification, attending webinars, and many others.

What are the CompTIA CEU Requirements?

CompTIA requires certification holders to earn CEU credits every three years to maintain their certifications.

Required CEU credits vary for each certification track. For instance, Security+ certified professionals need to earn 50 CEU credits, CASP+ certified professionals need to earn 75 CEU credits and A+ certified professionals need to earn 20 CEU credits.

Another requirement is paying the annual membership fee. Depending on the certification track, annual CE fee varies between $25 to $50.

Once you complete the CEU credits and if you paid the annual fees, you can renew your CompTIA certification.

What are the ways to earn CompTIA CEU Hours?

The ways to earn CEU credits are attending online courses, attending conferences, writing research papers, preparing for training classes in a related domain (for instructors), reading materials on related subject matters, taking an exam for a newer version of the certification, attending webinars, and many others.

How can I submit my earned CompTIA CEU credits?

You should have a profile on the CompTIA website.

You can log on to the website to register your CEU credits.

Upon submitting your CEU credits, CompTIA will review your submission. After review, CEU credits are approved and shown on your profile.

What should I do after I complete CompTIA CEU Hours?

After you complete CEU credits in your cycle, if you paid annual membership fees, your certification will be renewed by CompTIA.

How much does the CompTIA certification renewal cost?

To maintain your CompTIA certification, you must pay an annual CE fee to the CompTIA.

Depending on the certification track, this fee varies between $25 to $50. In total, for three years, the renewal fee will vary between $75 to $150.

Can I earn my CompTIA CEU hour needs for free?

There are free courses or free events (webinars, conferences, etc.) that you can attend and gain CEU credits. However, completing all CompTIA CEU credits for free will be tough, especially if you are a working professional. Therefore, the best way to complete CompTIA CEU credits is by enrolling in online courses and gaining CEU credits easily.

CompTIA CEU Credits Online Training Bundle will be a perfect fit for you to complete your CEU needs in one go!

You can see our Free CompTIA CEU Course program for earning three CEU credits for free.

Do you have other questions about the CompTIA certification renewal cycle and the CompTIA CEU Training Program?

Please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility criteria for this CompTIA CEU Training Program?

There is no eligible criteria to enroll. However, the program is best suited for:

  • Busy, ambitious professionals looking to advance their leadership and technical capabilities while on the job
  • Individual contributors and managers in organizations who are keen to add value to their team and the organization
  • Early and mid-career engineering, science, and research professionals

What should I expect from this CompTIA Renewal CEU Training Program?

As a part of the executive leadership training, you will receive the following:

  • Professional certificate of completion from San Francisco Business School
  • Connect with an international community of professionals
  • Letter of enrollment (available on request)

What certificate will I receive?

You will receive three “Certificate of Graduation” diplomas from San Francisco Business School upon completing this CompTIA CEU Online Training program. No grades are assigned for the program. Participants will either be evaluated as complete or not complete. Completing 100% of the material will grant participants a “Certificate of Graduation”. 

What are the course materials for the CompTIA Renewal CEU Course Program?

Upon registration and payment for the program, you will have complete access to the course materials. Course materials cover downloadable handouts, cheat sheets, case studies, video lectures, quizzes, and more.

How should I list my business certificates on my resume?

Once you've earned your Certificate of Graduation, list it on your resume along with the date of completion:

San Francisco Business School

Certificate in [Program Name]

[Program Start Month and Year]

List your certificate on your LinkedIn profile under "Education" with the language from the Credential Verification page:

School: San Francisco Business School

Dates Attended: [The year you participated in the program]

Degree: Other; Certificate in [Program Name]

Field of Study: Leave blank

Grade: Complete

Activities and Societies: Leave blank

For the program description on LinkedIn, please use the description of each course you will find on the course pages.

How are SFBS Online courses delivered?

We offer 100% online and self-paced programs on the San Francisco Business School Online course platform.

Our platform features highly produced videos of SFBS faculty and guest business experts, interactive graphs and exercises, case studies from real companies, and opportunities to contribute to a vibrant online community.

Are SFBS Online programs available in languages other than English?

We expect to offer our courses in additional languages in the future but, at this time, our programs can only be provided in English.

All course content is delivered in written English. Closed captioning in English is available for all videos. There are no live interactions during the course that require the learner to speak English. Coursework must be completed in English.

Do I need to come to campus to participate in San Francisco Business School programs?

No, all of our programs are 100% online, self-paced, and available to participants regardless of their location.

How do I enroll in a course?

San Francisco Business School does not have any prerequisite for learners to attend the programs. Although SFBS does not have any requirements, we recommend that learners have a few years of professional experience to attend our programs. Our target audience is mid-senior-level professionals, managers, and leaders.

Does San Francisco Business School offer an online MBA?

Yes, San Francisco Business School offers an online MBA program. Our MBA program covers the following business certificate programs. 

  • Executive Leadership
  • Strategy Creation & Execution
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Decision Making
  • Problem-Solving
  • Project Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Stress Management
  • Communication Management

What are my payment options?

We accept payments via credit card. Some learners may qualify for scholarships or financial aid, which will be credited against the Program Fee before payment. Your scholarship or financial aid may be applied to your transaction upon purchase as well.

In all cases, net Program Fees must be paid in full (in US Dollars) to complete registration before attending the program.

What are the policies for refunds and deferrals?

San Francisco Business School is proud to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. After the 30 days, you will not be able to get a full refund, but you may cancel the subscription any time you like.

Disclaimer: CompTIA, CEU, A+, Security+, CASP+ are registered trademarks of the CompTIA, The Computing Technology Industry Association.